“Often when in the middle of conflict or a fractured relationship, we focus on what’s not working and don’t feel like we have anything in common. The starting point is to remember what we had when it worked, reconnect to the positive aspects and move toward re-establishing a comfortable, respectful and productive relationship.”

We keep things on track

Debbie’s holistic approach to service delivery is reinforced by a suite of integrated services designed to equip you with the tools to continue on a path to improved workplace relationships.

Debbie Sonin has developed a suite of complimentary services to manage complex relationships, recognise potential conflict and create an inclusive workplace. Her honest and open philosophy encourages engagement and open communication.

The solutions become part of your workplace culture as we empower you to confidently negotiate a way forward. The results are sustainable and long term as the process becomes embedded in the workplace.
We have successfully enhanced employee capability across a range of industries both large and small including State and Federal government departments, local government, education, health, unions, not for profit and private sector organisations.

We ask three key questions to find common ground.

  • What’s getting in the way?
  • What is blocking productivity?
  • What do we have in common?

Once we understand how a person is perceiving circumstances through their feeling and thinking, we can start the process of “getting things back on track”.

Practical solutions
Relationship management.
Conflict Resolution Mediation.
Conciliation and Facilitated Conversations between individuals and team members.
Employee Misconduct Investigations including bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination.
Conducting workplace employee cultural audits.
Partnering employees with targeted coaching & mentoring programs.
Facilitating both structured and experiential group development training programs.
Working with managers and employees to develop interventions that constructively address under-performance issues and challenging workplace behaviour.
Policy review and development, specialising in EEO, Human Rights Charter, discrimination, harassment, bullying, sexual harassment and issue resolution).

Employment Engagement
Developing strategic diversity management plans including workplace flexibility and work–life balance plans.
Implementing proactive and reactive interventions to address issues of Equal Employment Opportunity, EOWA compliance and best practice.
Employee Wellbeing (Psychological Health).
Employee Assistance Counseling (EAP).
Team-based and individual personality profiling and employee communication styles and preferences (Myers Briggs Type Indicator).
Team work development programs.
Conducting organisational reviews and developing cultural change programs.

Customised professional development and training programs
Programs can be developed in areas such as compliance training, people management including performance management, communication and interpersonal skills, self management, HR management core practices and customer service.