Client Industries and Sectors

Workplace training, bullying, harassment, discrimination, communication and performance management clients include:

  • State and Local Government.
  • Manufacturing/Retail.
  • Superannuation/Finance.
  • Health – public and community.
  • Education.
  • Community Services.
  • Not for Profit.
  • Small, medium and large private organisations.
  • Organisations outsourcing expert human resource functions.

General Examples of Work Conducted

Each organisation is different, therefore we cannot provide a definitive list, but here are some examples of work we have already carried out for local, state and federal government, commercial, not for profit organisations, educational institutions and key industry bodies:

Specific Examples of Work include:

  • Expert Consultancy Services – Workplace Conflict, People Management Issues Employee and Organizational Health and Diversity Management – provided expert advice on a variety of issues primarily in relation to diversity management, conflict, and workplace health and cultural and change management issues of concern to our Councillors, Board Members, CEO's, senior executives and middle managers.
  • Conduct Discrimination and Sexual Harassment Investigations, OH&S, Bullying Assessments, Mediation Conciliation and Provision of Employee Assistance Counselling. Interventions in these areas have been conducted and facilitated in numerous organisations. Debbie has worked at multiple levels across organisations from the local workplace to the most senior levels.
  • Strategic Planning – Equity and Diversity – Development and implementation of Victoria Police first formal Equity and Diversity Strategic Plan 2003-2008 and as a member of Corporate Management Team, contributed to the development of the "Five Year Way Ahead Victoria Police Strategic Plan 2003 – 2008".
  • Policy Development – Workplace Behaviour – Development and implementation of an issue resolution policy and procedure to address conflict and grievances in the workplace, which include all forms of anti-social workplace behaviours including discrimination, harassment and bullying within a 'restorative justice' framework for City of Melbourne, RMIT, and Victoria Police.
  • Training and Professional Development – Developed and facilitated numerous training programs addressing communication styles utilising MBTI; conflict resolution; mediation/negotiation skills; customer service skills including managing aggressive and challenging behaviour from customers to a variety of management and leadership for local government agencies, public libraries and small, medium and large businesses.
  • Diversity Management – Numerous training packages developed in relation to Diversity Management for all levels within organisations. For example, City of Melbourne, Executive Management Group professional development delivered in relation to the principles of diversity management and affirmative action (now EOWA), Victoria Police Corporate Management Group – Embracing the diversity of its workforce and addressing how this translates into practice; Local Managers – Managing Employee Wellbeing within a cultural change framework.
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management – Diversity/OH&S – Conducted and developed audit tools to assist with analysis of diversity and occupational health and safety wellbeing which has contributed to assisting in the provision of Enterprise agreements at City of Melbourne. Developed numerous interventions at both a corporate, division, and local place level to address identified areas of risk.