About Me - Principal Consultant

Managing Director: Debbie Sonin, BA, BSW, MSW, & Nationally Accredited Mediator

"Being with people in the workplace, sometimes in challenging circumstances has given me an enormous respect for the complexity of relationships. Within my work, I have the opportunity to develop solutions, to empower individuals, heal relationships and impart information leading to significant and positive change.”

Debbie Sonin brings her down to earth, honest sensibilities to companies looking for a consultant who can tap into the skills and potential of employees and improve workplace relationships and productivity.

With over 25 years experience as a conflict resolution mediator, management consultant, facilitator, coach, professional counsellor and trainer, Debbie is all about creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture.  Her skill set is vast and her purpose is to bring the best to her client's through building better workplace relationships.

Debbie combines sound practical knowledge and experience with academic studies and professional qualifications.  These include Conflict Management, Communications preference style MBTI; Workplace Diversity/ EEO, Employee Engagement, Training, Employee Wellbeing.  Debbie is also a Nationally Accredited Mediator and has a Masters in Social Work.